Do you have TALENT?

What do you think of when someone talks about talent?

You may think of beautiful creative skills such as music, art, design etc.

Or being very good in a sporting arena, such as tennis, swimming or others 

But what about other talents?

Are you very good at organising your day?


Talking with people who are upset?

Starting a conversation with a total stranger?

Thinking in an orderly or timely manner?

Seeing patterns in data

Do you see these as talents? Or just something you do?

What is a talent?

A talent is what you do well naturally, often and which repeatedly produces an outcome. Your talent may be a pattern of thinking, ways you feel or patterns of behaviour.

So, what is YOUR talent?

Ask yourself what you do well and what is the talent you use to do this?

Developing your strengths in leadership begins with identifying your talents

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