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Know Your Strengths

You know you are a “good manager”

Do you know if you are a Positive Leader?

About Positive Leaders

Leadership – not Management

Have you taken the path towards management?

By design? Or by accident?

Have you completed a Diploma, a Degree even an MBA?

Has this provided you with the skills of leadership or the skills of management?

You know how to read budgets and spreadsheets, undertake Work Health and Safety and Risk Management. You may even know about marketing and making presentations?

But do you know about your leadership strengths and style?

Do you have a vision for your leadership?

At Positive Leaders we provide an online learning community for those seeking to develop their leadership strengths.

At Positive Leaders we will help you discover your strengths through learning to know your leadership, and how to lead your team positively and navigate your workplace effectively.

Hello, I’m Josephine

I help people discover their leadership strengths and support them to be positive leaders so they can lead their teams effectively.

I am a learner, leader, coach, teacher, trainer, and mentor.

I have built my career in learning, education, management, and leadership.

I have taken the traditional pathways of further tertiary studies, and the non-traditional paths of joining MLM companies and did a range of things to seek out and satisfy my need for personal professional leadership development and career growth

Along the way, I have made mistakes, stumbled, and had great achievements. I have made some poor life and relationship choices which have had a significant impact on my life. However, I have never given up seeking a more positive life and leadership style.

I would love to share my learning with you and support you on your personal leadership  journey by helping you discover and use your leadership strengths and skills.


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